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Residential Construction Guarantee

We fulfill all the legal and contractual obligations set out by GCR so you are protected by the Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings.


Experienced Real Estate Developers

Located in La Prairie, just a few minutes from Carignan, Les Développements Imax specializes in real estate development services tailored to maximize your financial success.

Real Estate Developer Carignan
Real Estate Developer Rive-Sud de Montréal

28 years of experience as a real estate developer

With more than 28 years of experience in the world of building and construction, at Les Développements Imax, we are well-versed with the national, provincial and territorial building codes and regulations that apply when building a house in the southwest part of the Canadian province of Quebec.

From site surveys through to concrete pumping and brickwork, we can handle all the phases of your home construction. Our workmanship and reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget also remain unrivalled.

We ensure that every job is done right the first time

We use top-quality materials

With a wealth of experience conceptualizing semi-detached and duplex houses, Les Développements Imax is proactive in introducing new technologies and modern construction techniques. Our expertise also extends to the construction of townhouses, villas and cottages.

To make sure our new builds conform to the highest building codes and standards in the province, we use top-quality materials and implement quality monitoring during construction. Our services are available to clients across Montérégie, including the South Shore of Montreal and Carignan.

We believe in bringing our clients the best in creativity and innovation

Why choose our services:

Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings (GCR)
Quality monitoring
Unparalleled technical expertise

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